Underrated Movie #181 ~ My Bodyguard

My Bodyguard

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Tormented by a gang of bullies — led by Matt Dillon, in one of his first film roles — sheltered new kid Clifford (Chris Makepeace) seeks protection from older student Linderman (Adam Baldwin), a burly loner who’s rumored to have killed — and possibly eaten — his own brother. Martin Mull, Ruth Gordon and Joan Cusack also star in this coming-of-age story about an unlikely friendship between two outcasts. Tony Bill directs. (Netflix) My Rating: 4 out of 5. Internet Movie Database


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About Underrated Movies
My name is Eric and I created this blog for the simple reason that I love to find hidden gems that go under the radar. So you can get an idea of my tastes, my favorite all-time movies include (among many others) Aliens (plural), Braveheart, The Shawshank Redemption, Field of Dreams, Misery, Mississippi Burning, The Untouchables, Die Hard, and Superman: The Movie. I have a massive list of over 250 underrated, under-appreciated, and/or overlooked movies, and I am always on the lookout for more. I will occasionally update this blog with a new selection. Each entry has links to the Internet Movie Database, a top critic’s review of the movie, Netflix, a link to the trailer, and a link to purchase and/or watch the movie instantly on Amazon. I would earn a small commission if you buy on Amazon after clicking my link, so consider making a purchase if you enjoy this blog.

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