Potential Underrated Movies on My List

Hi All, I thought it would be fun to show you one of my lists potential underrated movies. These movies are actually just the “overflow” from my Netflix queue, and I keep them listed in a notepad document, which means that the Netflix queue has surpassed the 500 movie limit (for DVDs). I also have about 150 in the “Instant” queue. Obviously I will not be able to watch all of these in my lifetime, so I always try to watch the ones with the most potential first. Feel free to let me know if any on this list jump out at you as one(s) that you would recommend. ~ Eric

The Secret in Their Eyes
Kind Lady
Just Friends — Ryan Reynolds
The Changeling — George C. Scott
The Dangerous Lives of Alter Boys
A Better Life
Wonderland — Val Kilmer
The Killing Room
Not Quite Hollywood
Black Rock
Floundering — Ethan Hawke
Conviction — Hilary Swank
American Cousins — Dan Hedeya
The Spectacular Now
Into the Wake
How to Lose Friends and Alienate People
Decoding Annie Parker
Jimmy — Bob Gunton
Scenes of a Crime — Documentary
Dead Heart — Bryan Brown
Idiot Box
The Boys — David Wenham
The Daytrippers
Chuck & Buck
The Place Beyond the Pines
The History Boys
Chopper — Eric Bana
Dirty Deeds
The Interview — Hugo Weaving
Oscar and Lucinda
Ten Canoes
The Black Balloon — Toni Collette
Beautiful Kate
Big Trouble
10 Items or Less
Blue Collar
Barney’s Version
Racing with the Moon
A Single Shot — Thriller
Emmanuel and the Truth About Fishes — Thriller
The Collector — Thriller 1965
Blood In, Blood Out — Thriller
Veronica Guerin — Thriller
Obsession — Thriller — Brian De Palma
The Assignment — Donald Sutherland — Thriller
The Dancer Upstairs — Thriller
The Friends of Eddie Coyle
Music Box — Thriller
The Naked Prey — Thriller
Coldwater — Thriller
Twilight’s Last Gleaming — Thriller
Ferocious — Thriller — 2012
Chloe — Thriller — Liam Neeson
Blood — Thriller — Paul Bettany
The House of Mirth — Drama
The Assassination of Richard Nixon — Thriller
Felon — Thriller — Val Kilmer
Whatever Happened to Aunt Alice — Thriller/Horror
Down and Dangerous — Thriller/Crime
Treed Murray (aka Get Down) — Thriller
36 Hours — 1965
Runaway — Robin Tunney
The Reluctant Fundamentalist — Thriller
Reflections in a Golden Eye
Magic — Anthony Hopkins
Dot the I
The Jammed
Cafe Society
Contraband — Mark Wahlberg
Angel Baby — 1995
Chasing Ghosts: Beyond the Arcade – Documentary
Made in Dagenham — Drama
Marjoe — Documentary
The Sunset Limited — Tommy Lee Jones
Short Term 12
Being Flynn — Robert De Niro — Drama
Hello I Must Be Going — Drama
Dirty Deeds — Crime, Australian
The Burning Plain — Crime Drama
Spider — David Cronenberg
Black Robe — Drama
Benny’s Video — Crime, Drama
Best Seller — Thriller, Crime — James Woods
Eye of the Devil — Crime, Horror — 1966
Fear X — Psychological Thriller — John Turturro
Games — Thriller — James Caan — 1967
Images — Psychological Thriller — Robert Altman
Little Fish — Thriller — Cate Blanchett
Mirage — Film Noir, Thriller — 1965
Blind Horizon — Thriller — Val Kilmer
Little Dorrit — Alec Guiness
Cleanskin — Thriller — Sean Bean
Delivering the Goods — Drama
Lbs. — Drama
Ain’t Them Bodies Saints — Rooney Mara — Thriller, Crime
Jolene — Drama
Inland Empire — David Lynch
Wicker Park — Thriller — Josh Hartnett
My New Gun — Diane Lane — Comedy
An Uzi at the Alamo — Black Comedy — Writer of Buried
Deathdream (Dead of Night) — Bob Clark
The Strangers — Thriller — Liv Tyler
Frozen — Thriller
P2 — Thriller
Fortress — Rachel Ward — Made for TV
Vacancy — Kate Beckinsale — Thriller
Dead End — Instant on Netflix
Die — Elias Koeteas — Instant on Netflix
Iron Doors — 2010 — Thriller
Kissed — Drama — Molly Parker
Palookaville — Crime Comedy
In Fear — 2014 — Thriller
Snowpiercer — Action, Sci Fi
Farewell — Spy Thriller
Winter in Wartime
Antarctica: 1983
Lakota Woman: Siege at Wounded Knee
Bandit Queen — 1994
Pathfinder (Ofelas) — 1987
12:01 PM
Closet Land
Rabbit-Proof Fence
Rosencrantz & Guildenstern are Dead
The Incident — 1967
Machine Gun McCain
The Dion Brothers (The Gravy Train) — Crime, Congame
Cop — James Woods
Skills Like This — Comedy, Crime
Kiss or Kill
The Valachi Papers – Charles Bronson
80 Blocks From Tiffany’s — Documentary
Flight from Death: Quest for Immortality
War Photographer — Documentary
Cane Toads — Documentary
Small Town Ecstasy — Documentary
Cold in July — Thriller
Still Mine — Drama
Blue Ruin — Thriller

About Underrated Movies
My name is Eric and I created this blog for the simple reason that I love to find hidden gems that go under the radar. So you can get an idea of my tastes, my favorite all-time movies include (among many others) Aliens (plural), Braveheart, The Shawshank Redemption, Field of Dreams, Misery, Mississippi Burning, The Untouchables, Die Hard, and Superman: The Movie. I have a massive list of over 250 underrated, under-appreciated, and/or overlooked movies, and I am always on the lookout for more. I will occasionally update this blog with a new selection. Each entry has links to the Internet Movie Database, a top critic’s review of the movie, Netflix, a link to the trailer, and a link to purchase and/or watch the movie instantly on Amazon. I would earn a small commission if you buy on Amazon after clicking my link, so consider making a purchase if you enjoy this blog.

10 Responses to Potential Underrated Movies on My List

  1. Hey Eric, a few that jump out as being very good are Stoker, Chopper, and Snowpiercer

  2. Great. Thanks for the tips, Mikey.

  3. garylee828 says:

    Definitely “Fortress” with Rachel Ward; it is quite intense. Adam Green’s “Frozen” is also great. “The Strangers” is good, too.

  4. Sweet. Thanks for the suggestions, Gary.

  5. Stoker is one of my favorite movies ever. Conviction is pretty good and Frozen was decent as well 🙂 I’m personally not a huge fan of Chloe.

  6. karl says:

    ExistenZ .. ultimate underrated sci fi.. Twin Falls Idaho and Northfork .. Dark city and Knowing.. The best offer.. frailty.. are some that come to mind.. also indian runner, emerald forest..

  7. karl says:

    Babe: pig in the city, Little odessa ,one two three (cagney), heavyweights (ben stiller), the contender, charley varick, night moves (gene hackman) , thief, the seven ups, the day of the dolphin, deep water, Under the Skin!!!!… sorry if you’ve listed some of these..

    • Again, great suggestions. I agree with Thief. Little Odessa was the only James Gray movie that is NOT on my underrated list… thought it was just OK. Thought The Contender was very good. The Seven Ups, Deep Water, and Under the Skin are already on my to-watch list. I have added The Day of the Dolphin to my queue. Thanks.

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