Underrated Movie #308 ~ The Bourne Legacy

The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill
Following the Jason Bourne debacle, the CIA finds itself dealing with a familiar threat when another estranged operative surfaces. Jeremy Renner stars alongside Edward Norton, Rachel Weisz and Joan Allen. (Netflix) My Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars.
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About Underrated Movies
My name is Eric and I created this blog for the simple reason that I love to find hidden gems that go under the radar. So you can get an idea of my tastes, my favorite all-time movies include (among many others) Aliens (plural), Braveheart, The Shawshank Redemption, Field of Dreams, Misery, Mississippi Burning, The Untouchables, Die Hard, and Superman: The Movie. I have a massive list of over 250 underrated, under-appreciated, and/or overlooked movies, and I am always on the lookout for more. I will occasionally update this blog with a new selection. Each entry has links to the Internet Movie Database, a top critic’s review of the movie, Netflix, a link to the trailer, and a link to purchase and/or watch the movie instantly on Amazon. I would earn a small commission if you buy on Amazon after clicking my link, so consider making a purchase if you enjoy this blog.

5 Responses to Underrated Movie #308 ~ The Bourne Legacy

  1. JustMeMike says:

    While I understand the purpose – and appreciate the full disclosure, I wonder how you arrive at calling this one underrated. Yes, It did make money, but of the four Bourne films it made the least money (actual box office) as well as the least money (adjusted for inflation).while it played at the most theaters.

    Now I understand that the money a film makes is not a true indicator of the film’s quality, and I’m not in any way calling this either a failed movie, or a bad movie. In fact I found it worth while but flawed. I actually rated it at 3.75 on a 1 to 5 scale. And my review was more positive than negative.


    I guess you liked it more than most. Just wondering why. Thanks

    • Thanks for your comment. For one, I can say that I found myself completely into it at the time that I watched, and thought it was a completely solid, no-nonsense action picture, which are few and far between. What qualifies this particular movie as “underrated” and/or “overlooked” (I use the two terms almost interchangeably) are several factors (box office not even considered by me for this one): 1) Of the four major Bourne movies so far, it is generally remembered as the worst of the bunch; 2) A lot of people won’t even consider watching a 2nd or 3rd sequel of a franchise, assuming beforehand that it will not be good, therefore The Bourne Legacy gets a bad rapp right of the bat for a lot of people; 3) A 6.7 rating in Imdb.com from almost 182,000 voters — that many voters and that rating combined means that many people DO have differing, extreme opinions on this movie, and I fall on the side that it is underrated/overlooked; 4) A 55% rating from the aggregate of critics on Rotten Tomatoes, including some major critics who pretty much despised it — 1/4 Stars from Mick LaSalle from the San Francisco Chronicle, for instance, a critic that I most of time agree with; 5) Finally, I go by my own “vibe” on how myself and others view the movie.

      • JustMeMike says:

        Okay I understand – you are saying that despite the lower box office, and the reviews that weren’t all that positive plus the apathy factor of the disinterested viewing public – who were less enthused by a non-Damon Bourne – you rate it better than those box office figures and viewer apathy, and the distaste of some reviewers would suggest.

        Which is fine.

        Not trying to talk you into or out of anything.

        For the record, I don’t consult box office numbers, nor IMDB ratings, nor Rotten Tomatoes meter before viewing a film or reviewing it. Clearly all of us, like or don’t like films for various reasons, and as such = numeric measurements are meaningless.

        But your explanation (in the reply) does add weight to your position on this film’s merits. Thanks.

    • By the way, I encourage you to explore my list of Underrated/Overlooked movies. Research for yourself anything that sparks interest (that’s why the buttons are provided). I understand that real movie buffs are probably familiar with many of these, but I guarantee you will find at least a few gems that you have never heard of. Thanks, Eric.

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