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Breaker Morant       The Last of Sheila       Ronin

The International       Criminal       Zodiac

(500) Days of Summer       Breach       House of Games

Tucker: The Man and His Dream       Paths of Glory       Spartan

Funny Farm       Red Planet       Red Rock West

The Dresser       Proof       The Thin Blue Line

Flirting With Disaster       Wait Until Dark       The Lookout

The Madness of King George       The Station Agent       Insomnia

Lantana       A Simple Plan       Kwik Stop

Cherish       The Dish       October Sky

The Deep End       Matchstick Men       Miracle Mile

Starting Out in the Evening       Near Dark       5 Fingers

Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai       Night Falls on Manhattan       Let Him Have It

Nothing But the Truth       Murder by Death       Murder by Death

The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters       Dolores Claiborne       Waiting for Guffman

Jindabyne       Julia       Top Secret!

Brain Donors       Margin Call       The Verdict

Hearts in Atlantis       Shattered       Galaxy Quest

Win Win       The Beast of War       The Pledge

The Hunted       Three O'Clock High       The Long Good Friday

Searching for Bobby Fischer       Ghost Town       Flightplan

The Jimmy Show       Go Tigers!       The Reef

Breakdown       The Yakuza       The Legend of Bagger Vance

Leaves of Grass       Stuart Saves His Family       Red Hill

The Score       The Eclipse       Drugstore Cowboy

Trespass       The Killing       Changing Lanes

Trees Lounge       Glengarry Glen Ross       True Believer

Cyrus       Not Your Typical Bigfoot Movie       Mean Creek

Rambling Rose       The Ghost Writer       Lost in America

Pulling John       Secret Window       The Count of Monte Cristo

The Paper       Buried       The Talented Mr. Ripley

One False Move       Reversal of Fortune       Dogfight

Quick Change       The Game       Open Range

Separate Lies       Blood Work       Tumbleweeds

Snow Angels       Murder on a Sunday Morning       51 Birch Street


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